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Platform(s): Web

Written in: HTML, CSS, Ruby, JavaScript


I originally created this website in March of 2020 as a place to host information about my YouTube channel, and later my tech projects. It started out very basic, though it had styling, unlike the NCX Programming website. The NCX Programming website's lack of style at first actually came from this site, because I felt that there was too much unneeded styling and also a lot of styling that just didn't look good. I decided to take my time adding stying to the site to make it look better, and it paid off in the end, because now that styling has made its way back here, at least for now.

This site is the oldest GitHub repo I have that still gets updates. It almost wasn't that way though, as I abandonded this site for a period of about 6 months. Towards the end of that I replaced index.html with a page telling you to go to the NCX Programming website.

Eventually, though, I decided to revive it because I wanted to have a personal site again. A place for putting whatever info I wanted. And also a place where I could have a blog for things that didn't really pertain to NCX Programming. I've written a couple rant-y arcticles there that just don't really fit there. This way, I can still write those when I just need to shout about things I could just ignore instead but also not mix them in with actual project updates and explanations about how I did things.

Old Site

An archive of the old site can be found here (in .zip form) or here (in .tar.gz form). A lot of things probably won't work correctly there, as there are links that rely on the domain I haven't owned for over a year now.