The icon for fake-apt.


Platform(s): Windows, macOS, Linux (Officially) 3DS (Unofficially)

Written in: C#, C (Officially) C++ (Unofficially)


fake-apt is my fake version of APT, the package manager used in Debian- and Ubuntu-based Linux distros.

fake-apt sets out to imitate most of APT's features, such as install, update, remove, etc. While it's meant to look like the program is doing something, it doesn't really do anything, and is just for looks.

Platform Support

fake-apt is one of the only completely cross-platform apps that I've written. Windows support has taken considerably more work to maintain than macOS and Linux support, but as I'm creating this page all platforms are still supported.

Making it Seem Real

Making fake-apt seem convincing was something I really wanted to achieve. In the original .NET version and early C versions, a fake prompt would be shown that would change based on your OS. In more recent versions, I made the executable take arguments directly, so you can use your real prompt and real password prompt to make it seem more real. On any non-Debian/non-Ubuntu systems (macOS included), you can rename the binary to apt and put it in /usr/local/bin/ and run it exactly how you would run the real APT.


In March 2021, GitHub user LinUwUxCat ported fake-apt to C++, and to the 3DS. The C++ version can be run the same way as the C version, and the 3DS version is compiled as a 3DSX file and can be run on a modded 3DS or in a 3DS emulator. You can find this port here. (Note that it is a little outdated now.)